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Atas – What Makes The Best Online Casino Malaysia?

It is quite an easy way to reach an online Casino in Malaysia nowadays, but it could be difficult and challenging to determine the best online casino which fulfils all players’ requirements and satisfaction.Which elements or factors are needed to form the best online casino Malaysia? Take a look at our sharings below to give you the greatest idea on how to find out your ultimate destination to place a play.

Top Priority: Trusted, Safe and Genuine

Trustworthiness, safety and reliability are always the top priority in order to choose a Malaysia online casino to play in it.

The industry of online casino Malaysia are not legalised by the federal government, therefore it is much more important to play in a trusted and secured online casino, to ensure your money or funds are stay safe, because you will probably unable to seek a legal action once if your assets have been cheated by a scam casino.

There are dozens of online casino in Malaysia where you can simply reach and access them by searching in Google, seen in social media or heard from people around.

Atas casino is probably a Malaysia online casino where you are already exposed to them through social media or search engines.

Gambling Licences and Brand Ambassador

Established in 2021, Atas has become one of the most reputed, reliable and trusted online betting casinos across the country and Southeast Asia.

Atas developed rapidly in the past three years, strengthening their brand and building up confidence among players with a series of efforts.

As a genuine online casino, Atas has owned several licences issued by authoritative organisations regarding the industry, including the Macau government, First Cagayan government, Cambodian government and the Costa Rican government. 

Atas have also collaborated with a total of more than 3,000 Malaysian influencers in social media, to spread their brand awareness nationwide.

Fantastic Games in Various Sections

The betting games themselves are certainly a main reason to seek the best online casino Malaysia as well.

Malaysians and Asians favoured regular casino table games, sports booking, 4D lottery, slots and Poker. They might find it hard to gather those fancy games all in one destination.

Atas is probably the ultimate choice for you to enjoy all the popular betting games in one stop. Here, we categorised all games into seven major sections, including live casino, slots, 4D lottery, sports booking, Poker, esports betting and fish shooting.

As the most common event in Malaysia online casinos, live casino games are available at Atas with more than ten vendors to choose from, such as EVO LIVE, Dream Gaming, Asia Gaming, SA Gaming, Big Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Sexy Live and WM Live.

Among those gaming suppliers, there are a total of hundreds of game tables or rooms ready to serve you, each hosted by one or two professional live dealers with gorgeous costumes.

Atas provides live casino games similar to the land based casinos, you will find you needn’t have to visit Genting Highland anymore by travelling all the way just to place a bet in the physical casinos.

4D Lottery: Highest Payout in Malaysia

Try the 4D lottery at Atas which has the highest payout nationwide compared to all the other online casinos in Malaysia.

4D is a gaming event where players bet on a group of four numbers by matching it. 4D is also the only legal gambling activity in most of the states in Malaysia, operated by Magnum 4D, Sports Toto, Damacai and a few of minor operators in East Malaysia.

The 4D lottery has the most payout compared to all the other common gambling events. A classic 4D offers the first prize of MYR2,500 with only a bet of MYR1.

There are various 4D jackpot games available in Malaysia, with prizes worth more than MYR10 million, making the record of highest jackpot prizes in Malaysia history with MYR95 millions!

At Atas , you shall spend no more time and strength to visit the 4D physical outlets, while enjoying the bigger payout.

We offer 4D classic games with the first prize worth MYR3,500, a thousand more than the 4D outlets. If you bet on the “Single A” which has only been counted when it matches the first prize position, you will win a total of MYR8,300 with just a dollar bet!

Deposit and Withdrawal

Players are always concerned about the process of cash in and out in the online betting casinos. They certainly like to ensure the procedure of making a deposit is highly secured, while the withdrawal is fast enough without any delay.

As the best online casino Malaysia, Atas is determined to perform the cash in and cash out process in the most safe, fast and convenient way.

Safe and Quick Deposit Method

Here, we provide various common transaction methods including online banking, e-wallet (Touch n’Go), and even crypto currency. You may complete a deposit process within one or two minutes only, and the withdrawal is usually done within just five minutes, and you will receive real money in your bank account or e-wallet account.

There are no extra charges for any transaction on our casino. Come join us as our new member now by signing up easily, to enjoy all the fascinating games and grab plenty of bonuses, rewards and rebates. Atas Login Now.

24/7 Customer Service

Customer support is another focused element in choosing an online casino Malaysia. 

An efficient, helpful and friendly customer service could fulfil every member’s inquiries and solve their problems at any moment regarding any issues in the casino.

Atas comes with a professional customer support team who are standing by 24 hours everyday to assist all our members or non members. Feel free to reach them via Whatsapp or through the chat room by clicking the CS button on the Atas landing page.

Grab Real Money From Best Promotion

Enjoy a great deal of benefits by joining Atas , the best online casino Malaysia now!

After registering as a new member, you are eligible to collect a welcome bonus as much as MYR800 by making your first deposit, with a requirement of ten times turnover. 

Atas is also giving away a daily bonus for 4D lottery games upon deposit in a certain period. For instance, by making a deposit between 10th February to 24th Feb 2024, the player will be given a daily bonus worth MYR1 everyday for 30 days to play any 4D game.

Stand a chance to win the Golden Egg worth MYR8,888 which will be given each Monday! This precious reward is randomly won by any player who has a high level of betting activities at Atas .

To show our appreciation to our members’ participation and loyalty, Atas constantly offers a huge variety of promotions, rewards, bonuses and free gifts. Make sure you won’t miss out on any benefits by signing in to our casino everyday.

Exclusive Unlimited Referral Program

Atas introduced the Unlimited Referral Program which is exclusive among all the online casinos in Malaysia.

In this program, players can earn commission fees by referring their friends or people around to join and bet at Atas .

The commission fees will be given to the referees every hour daily, and it is a lifetime profit with no ending date. Invite your friends to sign up and start a bet at Atas , to gain an extra income now!

Better Betting Experience in Mobile App

Enjoy a more friendly user interface, fancier layouts, faster surfing speed and better gaming experience by using the online casino Malaysia app presented by Atas .

Atas recommends our mobile app to all the mobile users to access our casino in a more convenient way.

For Android users, you can just download Atas mobile app from the Android market. For iOS users, we provide a guide to download it through a few simple steps.

Advantages of Online casino Malaysia

There are estimated to be more than 30 online casinos in Malaysia nowadays. Ever wonder why the industry of online betting has flourished in the past decade?

People like to bet, as they wish to try their luck to make a fortune with some funds. Gambling with an affordable amount of real money is actually an entertaining activity to have some fun. However, bear in mind that gambling without rational thinking and losing control could end up with negative consequences.

In Malaysia, Genting Highland is the only place where casinos are legal. It makes the highland a tourism hotspot, but people find it spending much time and money to travel up to the mountain just to try to make a fortune on the casino table.

Therefore, online casinos are getting popular these years, as people can easily access an online betting casino with their phones connected to the internet.

More Games, More Benefits

An online casino in Malaysia has more games and events compared to the land based casinos.

For instance, Atas not only provides live casino games which are available in Genting casinos too, such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and Dragon Tiger, but also come with events that the physical casinos don’t have, such as sports booking or football betting, fish shooting games and esports betting. 

Nevertheless, a Malaysia online casino always offers plenty of promos, bonuses and rewards that are not available in land based casinos. 

For some players who love to gamble but are reluctant to face crowds or meet other players, online casinos are a better choice for them to start a bet in their home alone.

Thanks to the development of the internet and universalisation of mobile phones or computer devices, Malaysians can now easily visit an online casino anytime and anywhere, as well as in their bedroom before sleeping comfortably.

One Stop Solution for All Bettors

At Atas , the best online casino Malaysia, you will surely find your favourite games to put a bet among a huge variety of choices.

If you are new to an online casino and not familiar with all betting events, you are welcome to try the slot games which need the least of gambling knowledge or skills.

The slots are simple as you only have to put the credits, choose the lines and press the Spin button to wait for the result.

For football fans, Atas provides various options to bet on all the popular football competitions worldwide, such as the English Premier League (EPL), UEFA Champions League (UCL), Spanish LaLiga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, UEFA Europa League, nevertheless, the FIFA World Cup and Euro Cup which been held once every four years.

Esports Betting and Fish Shooting

An esports lover? Be a part of the tournament by betting on esports events at Atas ! You can put a stake on any of the major esports competitions including DotA2, CS:GO, Mobile Legends, Honor of Kings, PUBG, Valorian etc.

Consider yourself an expert in shooting games? Why don’t you come and earn some real money in the fishing games at Atas .

Fish shooting games are a modern stuff in Malaysia online casinos. Evoluted from the classic arcade table game, fishing games are now available in almost every online betting casino with fascinating themes, immersive visual and sound effects, attractive characters and creatures to give you a thrilling underwater adventure.

With remarkable shooting skills and brilliant strategy, you can earn a huge amount of credits in a fishing game, for example, grabbing credits up to 2,000 times by hunting the “Big Boss” down.

After reviewing all the essential elements to determine the best online casino Malaysia, we guess that you have already found out your destination to place a bet.

Become a part of Atas community, you will enjoy the most amazing betting experience with a numerous variety of games provided, not to mention the most trusted, safe and secure casino across the country where you can rest assured of your real money kept there.